The 39th Chinese Control Conference Is Going Online


The 39th Chinese Control Conference Is Going Online


 As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it will not be possible to organize the 39th Chinese Control Conference (CCC2020)  in any physical venue as scheduled. The Organzing Committee and Program committee have thus decided that CCC2020 will be held online between July 27-29, 2020. The Chinese Control Conference (CCC) is an annual international conference initiated by the Technical Committee on Control Theory (TCCT), Chinese Association of Automation (CAA). It provides a forum for scientists and engineers over the world to present their new theoretical results and techniques in the field of systems and control. The conference consists of plenary talks, panel discussions, invited sessions, pre-conference workshops, oral sessions and poster sessions etc. for academic exchanges. The conference proceedings have been selected for coverage in the IEEE Xplore and indexed by EI Compendex since 2006.

To make sure the online CCC2020 goes smoothly, please pay attention to the following information.

. General Information:

 Conference Time: July 27-29, 2020

 Online Venue: Please check the CCC2020 Program for details (CCC2020 Program will be updated on the official website of CCC2020: )

 Access: Online meetings and live broadcast platforms (the specific access form will be updated on the official website of CCC2020: )

. Registration:

The registration fee will be charged and two types of registrations (with or without papers) will be provided. The information on the payment standard and refund is available in Annex 1.

The Organizing Committee will timely release relevant information on the official website of CCC2020. Please refer to the website for specific procedures and arrangements. The online CCC2020 will provide more resources and more opportunities for academic exchanges. Sincerely thank you for your great support! We are looking forward to your participation!

Contact Information:

 Tel: +86-24-83687760                         cn

Sponsors: Technical Committee on Control Theory, CAA

 Chinese Association of Automation (CAA)

 Systems Engineering Society of China (SESC)

                       Local Organizer: Northeastern University

                                                                                   June 10th, 2020

Annex 1: Notes to Online CCC2020

. Registration

 1. Online Registration

Registration Website:

Registration method : Log into the TCCT Conference Paper Management System (  through your PIN and password, click the Conference Registration in CCC 2020 and follow the instructions to make the registration.

 Payment Standard and Refund Details

Before May 24th

After May 24th

Refund Deadline

July 10th

Participant with one paper

(Students, CAA and IEEE Members, TCCT members)

 3400 RMB


 3600 RMB

3400 RMB


Participant with two papers

(Students, CAA and IEEE Members, TCCT members)

 4400 RMB

4200 RMB

 4600 RMB

4400 RMB

800 RMB

Former participant

without papers

(Students, CAA and IEEE Members, TCCT members)

 2400 RMB

2200 RMB

 2600 RMB

2400 RMB

800 RMB

Online participant

without papers

(Students, CAA and IEEE Members, TCCT members)

 1600 RMB

1400 RMB

 1800 RMB

1600 RMB


2. Refund

The original offline conference is transferred to the online conference, thus the registration fee is partially refunded. For refund details, please check the above table. Your refund request should be submitted to the Organization Committee before July 10, 2020 (deadline) via the following contact number: 16526752851(8:30-11:30) or 18254269263(14:00-17:00) or The refund will be returned according to your former payment means.

3. Registration without papers

Online CCC2020 reserves membership rights. You can choose “Online participant without papers” in case you have no registration paper.

4. Invoice

 CCC only issues invoices for conference or conference expenses. If special information is needed, please access CCC2020 website to download the PDF document for detailed explanation.

 For participants of online registration, if an invoice is needed, please fill in the invoice information during the online registration. You will receive the invoice in advance.

 For participants who have already received invoices, the original invoice will become invalid if the registration fee is partially refunded, and a new invoice will be issued corresponding to the amount after refund. If no refund involves, the original invoice is still valid.

 For participants who have chosen to collect the invoice on site, please contact the Organization Committee to change to electronic invoice. Contact Number: 15640220612(8:30-11:30) ; 18254269263(14:00-17:00);

 . Oral and poster presentation rules

1. Oral Presentation

 The oral presentation can take the form of video recording and live video. We will contact you to confirm the oral presentation form.

 Please timely upload the presentation video according to the requirements given by the official website of CCC2020.

2. Poster Presentation

 The poster in the template format should be uploaded to the conference platform according to the schedule in the program. During the presenation, the authors need to stay at the virtual room for Q&A. We will contact you concerning the unload/presentation form.

SCIS-CCC Poster Paper Award” is continued in the CCC2020. Please refer to for the detailed principles for the award.