Oral Presentation

口头报告要求 (Instruction for Oral Presentations)

口头报告 (Oral Presentation)

*  每篇论文报告时间为20分钟(包含讨论)。

Oral Presentation Time: 20 minutes (including discussion).

*  口头报告采用线上会议方式进行,口头报告参会流程如下:

The oral presentation is conducted online using the following procedures.

   1. 登陆论文投稿系统https://cms.amss.ac.cn/,在CCC2020作者工作区提交发布协议文件。发布协议文件下载地址:


 Log in the online submission system (https://cms.amss.ac.cn/), and submit the Release Agreement Document in the Author Center of CCC2020.

 Download the Release Agreement Document please click: http://tcct.amss.ac.cn/news/CCC2020/CCC2020_agreement_en.docx

  2.  报告人应在716日前与自己所在口头报告分组的志愿者取得联系 (口头报告分组通讯录



The author should contact the volunteer of oral presentation group they belong to by July 16, 2020 (the contact information of volunteers of oral presentation is available at http://tcct.amss.ac.cn/news/CCC2020/CCC2020_Oral_Contact.xlsx). Moreover, under the guidance of the volunteers, the author should be familiar with the online conference and prepare the hardware/software accordingly.

  3. 因特殊原因无法使用钉钉平台进行线上口头报告直播的报告人,应在719日前通过论文投稿系统

    (https://cms.amss.ac.cn/) 提交预先录制的口头报告视频文件 (15分钟左右,MP4格式,大小不超过200MB),会议期间由组


 Authors who cannot use the “DingTalk” for online oral presentation due to special reasons, should submit their video files (15 minutes, MP4 format, file size limit 200MB) of pre-recorded oral presentation through the submission system (https://cms.amss.ac.cn/) before July 19, 2020.