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张贴报告要求 (Instruction for  Poster Presentations)

张贴报告 (Poster Presentation)

* CCC 2020论文张贴报告在线上进行,流程如下:

  The poster presentation is conducted online using the following procedures.

  1. 登陆论文投稿系统 (https://cms.amss.ac.cn/),在CCC2020作者工作区提交发布协议文件。


 Log in the online submission system (https://cms.amss.ac.cn/), and submit the Release Agreement Document in the Author Center of CCC2020.

 Download the Release Agreement Document please click: http://tcct.amss.ac.cn/news/CCC2020/CCC2020_agreement_en.docx

  2. 张贴论文作者需要按照CCC2020张贴模板 (Word模板和LaTeX模板样式见下方链接),提供张贴电子文档 (PDF格式)

     讲解音频文件 (3-5分钟,MP3格式),并将相关材料于719日前上传至投稿系统https://cms.amss.ac.cn/

 The presentation of poster papers will be arranged online. Authors of poster papers should upload the electronic document of the poster (PDF format, CCC2020 provides Word and LaTeX poster templates for your reference) and the corresponding presentation audio (3-5 minutes, MP3 format). Then submit the PDF poster document and the presentation audio through the submission system (https://cms.amss.ac.cn/), no later than July 19, 2020.

 Poster template in Word: http://tcct.amss.ac.cn/news/CCC2020/CCC2020_Poster_Template.docx

 Poster template in LaTeX: http://tcct.amss.ac.cn/news/CCC2020/CCC2020_Poster_Template_LaTeX.zip

  3. 为了便于参会代表线上实时交流,会议要求每位作者在论文张贴期间建立个人会议室等待在线交流,未完成此环节视为

     缺席会议 (No Show)。每位张贴论文作者需提前自行在“钉钉”平台预约视频会议,获得11位入会口令 (Meeting

          Code),填写于模板右上角;同时将“钉钉”个人信息二维码 (Name Card)粘贴于模板对应空白处,以供参会代表与您在






 For convenience of online communication among participants, each author is required to set up a personal meeting room via DingTalk APP during the paper posting. Failure to complete this session will be deemed as “No Show”. The meeting room should be booked in advance by the author. Author should fill the 11-digit Meeting Code in the top right corner of the Poster and paste his/her DingTalk personal information QR code in the corresponding place for online exchange. During the paper presentation period, author should be waiting in the conference room.

 Guideline for Getting the Name Card QR Code of DingTalk:


 Guidelines for Booking DingTalk Meeting Rooms:


* 会议期间,所有参会代表可以在对应张贴时间段浏览论文海报,并收听讲解音频。现场该时间段所有张贴报告人均在线等

  候,感兴趣的代表可以通过对应文章的“入会口令 (Meeting Code)”加入报告人的会议室进行交流。

During the paper posting, all the delegates can view the Poster, and listen to the presentation audio. Presenters/authors of the poser papers are available online for live discussions. The delegate who wants to have an in-depth discussion are cordially invited to enter the meeting room, using the displayed Meeting Code, to have a live discussion with the presenter.

* 本届会议设立“《中国科学》—中国控制会议张贴论文奖”,具体条例请见控制理论专业委员会网站和中国控制会议网

  站:http://tcct.amss.ac.cn/, http://ccc2020.neu.edu.cn/7156/list.htm

The regulations for the SCIS-CCC Poster Paper Award can be found at TCCT website: http://tcct.amss.ac.cn, or CCC2020 website: http://ccc2020.neu.edu.cn/ccc2020eng/7174/list.htm.