Plenary Lectures

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Plenary Lectures

The plenary lectures will be delivered by:

NameAnuradha Annaswamy

AffiliationMassachusetts Institute of Technology,USA

TitleLessons from Adaptive Control: Towards Real-time Machine Learning

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NameEtienne Burdet

AffiliationImperial College London,UK

TitleInteraction control in humans and with robots

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NameJie Chen

AffiliationTongji University, China

TitleOptimization-BasedCooperative Decision and Control of Multi-Agent Systems

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NameGeorge Pappas

AffiliationUniversity of Pennsylvania, USA

TitleSafe Autonomy with Deep Learning in Feedback Loop

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NameFeng Qian

AffiliationEast China University of Science and Technology, China

TitleIntegrated Human-Machine Smart Industrial Manufacturing System - Artificial Intelligence EMPOWERS manufacturing

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NameXinghuo Yu

AffiliationRMIT University, Australia


Complex Network Systems: A Control Science and Engineering Perspective

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NameHuaguang Zhang

AffiliationNortheastern University, China

TitleAdaptive Dynamic Programming for Optimal Control: Fundamental Theory, New Research Results and Applications

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