How to Join the Online CCC2020


How to Join the Online CCC2020

 In order to make the organization of Online CCC2020 smooth, the conference has set up permission setting for all participants, and only authors who have paid the registration fee can join this online conference. The specific procedure is as follows.

Admission Method: Before July 14, 2020, the authors need to create a DingTalk account ( using the same mobile phone number as provided for CCC2020 registration before (Please select the correct country/region code for your mobile phone number). Then the author will be admitted into the Online CCC2020 Conference Platform on July 15. While logging in DingTalk APP successfully, the author will receive a notification “You Have Joined CCC2020”.

Note: If on July 15the author who has paid the registration fee can not receive the notification “You Have Joined CCC2020” while logging in DingTalk, it may be caused by the following reasons: the mobile phone number provided for CCC2020 registration is invalid, or the mobile phone number used for DingTalk account is not consistent with the one provided for the conference registration. In this case, the author has to apply for an admission by the following procedure:

 Step 1: Author who has paid the registration fee before July 22 needs to register a DingTalk account using your mobile phone number.

 Step 2: Visit the DingTalk website via PC or mobile phone to apply for an admission (the reason for application is required).

CCC2020 Registration Type

Reason for application (Required)

Registration with paper

Real Name+PIN+Paper ID

Registration without paper

Real Name+PIN

For PC:

Click the link or copy it to your web browser

For Mobile Phone:

Scan the QR code